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Ch. Manit's Someone Like You

Ch. Manit's Someone Like You (Adele).

Adele's first majorAdele's second major

Adele is a such a gorgeous girl. She has a beautiful type..... robust, compact, great shoulders, beautiful head, and a gorgeous banded harsh coat. .... all this and wonderful movement. I couldn't be happier with the breeding of her dam Celina to her sire Joy. Adele got the best of both her parents.

Adele came out to the rings for the first time this last spring and in three weekends had a total of 11 points, including her two majors. Hopefully by this December 2014 she will be our new champion.

Adele's Group3

December arrived, and I'd like to thank Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark for awarding Adele "Best of Breed" from the Bred-by Exhibitor class, going over seven Specials for a 4-point major. And then my thanks to Mrs. Anne Katona for giving Adele a big Group 3, defeating 102 terriers.

Thank you Masami and John for allowing me to use Joy and be able to have this adorable girl.

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