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Ch. Tex Star Black Cosmic Astro

Astro was bred by Beth Rainwater, and is owned by Manit Schnauzers.

Astro is such a fun dog; when we go out for our walks with the other dogs, he wants to be everywhere and yet at the same time he doesn't want to be too far from me. It is funny to see him running after the others and looking back to see if what I'm doing might be more interesting for him. He has a confused expression at that moment that makes me laugh every time.

I was asked by Gary and Beth Rainwater, who bred Astro, to evaluate the litter Astro was in. I liked him from the very get-go and I let them know that, but they had already made up their mind to keep his littermate, Ch. Tex Star Teddy Bear, so at that moment I offered to buy him and here he is with me.

He is a TRUE BLACK mini with the best harsh coat I have ever seen in a black; people just cannot believe he is not dyed. He is so well put together... great layed-back shoulders, very compact, nice ribcage, an elegant long neck, a fantastic headpiece with a fabulous expression, all in a 13-3/4 inch dog. Astro is the result of all those great genes he carries; he has a beautiful pedigree, son of the great Nasa, and his mother is a magnificent black bitch, who is a full sister to Ch. Dreams Miss Liberty Bell. Astro is homozygous for black, having produced 21 black offspring from six different bitches.

I have shown Astro just a few weekends, one being Montgomery County weekend 2009, at 13-months-old. At Hatboro he took 1st in the Black-Black/Silver class, with a competition of 11 dogs, then at Devon he placed 3rd, and at Montgomery he came in second in his class, but most important were the comments fellow breeders had to say about Astro... they LOVED him, and that is really a compliment for me.
Judge Mrs Marjorie Underwood pictured awarding Astro his second

Thank you Judge Mrs. Marjorie Underwood, for awarding Astro his second Major! He has now finished his championship.

I would like to thank Gary and Beth Rainwater (Tex Star Miniature Schnauzers) for allowing me to have this loving dog.

Ch. Sarius Emma Gonna Makka Difference
Astro's first champion is Ch. Sarius Emma Gonna Makka Difference. Emma completed her championship on her first coat and entirely from the puppy class. Her breeder Debi Durst (Sarius MS) and I are so pleased with her performance and with the wonderful job her handler Shawne Imler has done with her. Pretty soon there will be some more Astro puppies in the ring. We will keep you updated on how they do.

  Parents Grandparents Great
      Ch. Rampage's Representative's (SP)
    Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone (SP)  
      Ch. Das Feder's Poetic Justice (SP)
  Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man (B)    
      Ch. Bandsman's High Spirits (SP)
    Ch. Wards Creek's Put N on the Ritz (B)  
      Wards Creek's Highway Hooker (B)
Ch. Tex Star Black Cosmic Astro (B)      
      Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealers Choice (BS)
    Attaway Jackpot (BS)  
      Ch. Bojangles Alpha Chic (SP)
  Ch. Dreams Forever Lone Star(B)    
      Ch. Blythewood Piano Man (BS)
    Ch. Blythewood Let Freedom Ring (B)  
      Blythewood Angel of the Night(B)

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