The Future

The Beginning
I have a friend in Venezuela who has had Miniature Schnauzers for over 20 years, all of them being companion dogs who were never shown or bred even though they were all show-quality. I fell in love with them for all those wonderful qualities that Miniature Schnauzers have, especially that they are smart, protective, loyal and loving... all this in a small, compact and hardy dog with a unique look and expression. I was captivated by the breed, so in 1997 I decided to contact local breeders and after eight months I got my first puppy who was the pick of the litter as a show dog, even though that was not what I was looking for. I had fallen in love with him, but in the end, he didn't turn out to be show-quality.

Ch. Scedir Cindy Crawford

A little over a year later I contacted a breeder in Italy for a show-quality bitch, and on Oct. 1999, I flew to Italy and returned with "Scedir Cindy Crawford" (Gia), who ultimately became a Venezuelan, Dominican Republic, International, Sicalam, Champion.

Ch. Itrigal Britmor Lucky Me

Gia was first bred to one of Karen Brittan's males, Britmor Yours Truly; we had one pup "Ven. Ch. Itrigal Britmor Lucky Me" (Lucky), who became my very first breeder/owner-handled champion. From that point on, I got more and more involved with this extraordinary breed from which I learn something new everyday.

I moved to the United States March 31, 2005. Currently I live in Maryland, not far from Baltimore, from where I travel all over the country showing Minis and Smooth Fox Terriers, some mine and some from other breeders or clients.

After being a couple of years into Minis, when I went to Minneapolis to breed Gia, I met Karen Brittan (Britmor Miniature Schnauzers), a breeder for many years, but mainly a person devoted from heart and mind to this breed who just wants the best, hence always wanting to mentor those that want to seriously get into Miniature Schnauzers. She is an all-arounder, has done conformation, obedience, agility, earthdog, etc., so she knows how they should look and how they think and act. She has been always there to mentor me from the beginning, til today and hopefully forever... I THANK YOU, KAREN, from the deepest of my heart, for every tip that you have always shared with me, eternally grateful to you for your always welcome mentoring. And thanks to her this webpage is up....

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