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Clint is bred, owned, and handled by M. Itriago.

Clint is 14", a beautiful mover, very sound coming and going, and with a fantastic side gate. He has a gorgeous headpiece, not too long or narrow, a nice clean head. He has a very solid topline with a nice elegant neck, and a wonderful temperament. However, he is a slow maturing dog, which is why in this picture at 12-months-old he looks so puppyish, and that's fine, since he will just get better with age and will never be a coarse dog.

Clint is bred, owned, and handled by M. Itriago, and is shown going Best of Opposite Sex under Judge David Alexandra.
His first weekend out in the rings, Clint took, out of the three days, two Winners dog, two Best of Winners and Two Best of Opposite Sex to Bell (Ch. Dreams Miss Liberty Bell), who went Best of Breed all three days. At Montgomery County Kennel Club 2008 he went 4th in the Bred-By Class; I was happy.

This is not a very good picture of him, but it is what I have for now; I should be posting new ones pretty soon. As you can see, he needs to mature, and he will do so very nicely.

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