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Ch.. Manit's Under Pressure

Ch. Manit's Under Pressure, AKA Freddie.

Ch. Manit's Under Pressure.
Freddie is a very compact dog, with excellent shoulder placement, a nice long neck, a very schnauzery head, wonderful angulation, and is a super sound mover, so correct coming and going... a dog that with his correct movement covers ground, not with speed but with a nice reach, helped by his fantastic push from the rear. A very beautiful expression, with those dark small eyes. Nice harsh, banded coat. Hmmmm... what else can I say... I know... he is THE sweetest dog ever! Always playing, with me, with the other dogs and most of all with puppies, so gentle with them but at the same time teaching them how to play. He always carries his toys around and is always so well-behaved.

Freddie winning his 1st major under Judge Gary Doerge. Freddie was shown the first time the second weekend of June 2012 at the age of 12 months as a warm-up for GWTA the following weekend. The first day he went "Reserve Winners Dog" and I was so pleased because he was really having fun, he wasn't nervous, and on the contrary, he was wanting to play with me as we were moving around the ring. The second day he went "Best Of Winners" under Judge Gary Doerge for his first major. I want to thank Mr. Doerge for his very kind and appreciated comments that he had for me, about my dogs, my grooming, and my breeding program; his words meant more to me than the awards he had just given me. That same day Mr. Doerge awarded Celina her 3rd major.

I do want to mention that for the picture of his first major, I wanted to tighten the trim on his furnishings, but it was soooo windy that day that I just didn't want to ruin them for the specialties that were just a few days away.

Manuel and Freddie at Great Western; our thanks to photographer Tania Kidd. The following weekend, at the prestigious AMSC Specialty at Great Western and under Breeder/Judge Lynda Berar (Naibara MS), Freddie was awarded "Reserve Winners Dog", but because the "Winners Dog" was disallowed from his win, Freddie then was granted "Winners Dog" for a 5-point major. I would like to thank Mrs. Berar from the deepest of my heart for honoring me with the "RESERVE Winners Dog"; it was such an honor for me because there was such stiff competition... all very nice dogs.

So, in three weekends Freddie accomplished his two majors and has not been shown since. He will be back in the rings, God Willing, Spring 2013 for the Schnauzapalooza Weekend at Purina Farms. Wish us LUCK !!!! Once Freddie completes his championship, both his dam and his sire will be TOP PRODUCERS.... Freddie being the third champion for his dam and the fifth champion for his sire. I will keep you all posted.

Freddie placed in two of the three shows during Schnauzapalooza 2013. He was 2nd and 3rd in a competition of 15 dogs in the Bred-by class.

Freddie finished his championship with four majors... one 5-pointer, two 4-pointers, and one 3-point major. Freddie will be shown only at specialties.

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