The Beginning
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Future Plans
Kintxa, Standard Schnauzer, owned by Manuel Itriago and Carlos Pineda; bred by Alfonso Capelo Actually, when I started with the Minis I was a little hesitant, because I had been studying the possibility of acquiring a Standard Schnauzer. I even tried contacting Venezuelan breeders back in 1997 and could not find one, but a few years later I met Mr. Ignacio Soler and his wife Mrs. Alicia de Soler, who had been with Standards for awhile but were not showing, and that is when I got involved with this extraordinary breed. The Solers asked me to handle for them, when I realized what a wonderful breed it is. Another breeder asked to use the Solers' stud dog, Ven. Int. Ch. Ciro de Llanos de Irazu "Kintxo". The Solers were to get first pick of the litter, which I selected for them. To my surprise, when I returned to their house with the girl I had picked, they told me that they would like for me to have her, and let her be my foundation bitch for my plans that I had expressed to them. I am eternally thankful to the Solers for allowing me to have Ven. Ch. Capelport Sabrina Itrigal "Kintxa".

So in the near future, my plans are to also breed and show Standard Schnauzers. Kintxa will be coming very soon to live with me and, hopefully, I will find the perfect match for her, as I have studied her possible breeding for over a year now. I am really excited with all that is happening to me with this breed, and to have this courageous breed in the near future at Manits.

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