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Hannah is a breathtaking miniature schnauzer. From day one, she was my pick of the litter.

I took a few pictures of her when she was just a few days old so I could later see what it was that caught my eye, and so I would have a pattern to follow when evaluating newborns. It definitely has helped, and I was right. Hannah became a precious example of a sturdy, yet feminine, bitch.

She has a very sound gait and covers ground; she is nicely balanced, with great shoulder layback, great front, and is compact, with a gorgeous headpiece, a wonderful harsh, black coat, and her best feature.... she is soooo loving, always pleasing, and a great bed dog. I love her immensely!!!

She was first shown Montgomery County weekend when just barely 6 months of age, handled by Karen Brittan, one of my two mentors, and it was such a joy to see this great team in the ring. Two pros!!

Hannah completed her conformation title with three majors at big shows with very stiff competition, her last major being a 5-pointer at the Hattiesburg, MS, shows February 2015, under expert terrier judge, Mr. Joe Purkhiser.

I could keep on writing forever about how wonderful Hannah is, and how very much I love her, but I figure that by now you all can figure this out. This is a bitch that I really regret ever selling. It breaks my heart to have to return her, but I will. A lesson that I learned the hard way, and I will never forgive myself.

Love you, Princess!!

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