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Thually de Bethigon's, CGC, THDD, TDIG

Kika, bred by Betty Gonzalez Pachano, owned by Naomi Houle.

Kika is the only bitch that comes from Gia's line, and I am so happy I kept her. She is THE best mover of all of my dogs. She so loving and such a pleasing girl in a 13-1/2" body. She has great substance, shoulders, front, angles. Too bad she came to the USA with me in the very beginning because I didn't have the opportunity to show her.

Lovely Kika.Kika, Queen of all she surveys. Kika is now being loved by Naomi Houle, who has taken her to be another family member at her home. Kika is now the owner of a motorhome, where she spends her summers camping and hiking in state parks and touring different parts of the country. She has passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test as well as the Therapy Dog International certification test and has become a favorite visitor to many at local nursing homes.

Kika has achieved the highest Therapy Dog Titles given by both the AKC and Therapy Dogs International, as she has earned her TDI Active (TDIA: 50 visits), TDI Active Outstanding Volunteer (TDIAOV: 150 visits), TDI Remarkable Volunteer Achievement (TDIRVA: 250 visits) and TDI Exceptional Volunteer Achievement (TDIEVA: 350 visits) ), Therapy Dog International Gold (TDIG: 500 visits), titles through Therapy Dogs International, and Therapy Dog Novice (THDN: 10 visits), Therapy Dog (THD: 50 visits), Therapy Dog Advanced (THDA: 100 visits), Therapy Dog Excellent (THDX: 200 visits), Therapy Dog Distinguished (THDD: 400 visits), therapy dog titles through the American Kennel Club.

Another, very important accomplishment for Kika is that she assists Naomi full-time as a Medical Alert Service Dog. Kika showed a natural ability to do this work and was trained by Puppy Love Caring Canines of Hugo, MN to become Naomi’s Service Dog. According to Naomi, Kika has been a true blessing in her life.

Naomi, thank you so much for taking Kika with you and providing her a magnificent, loving home. God bless you.

  Parents Grandparents Great
      Am. Ecu. Int. Ch. Adamis Aroused (SP)
    BIS Pan. Ven. Int. Ch. Guata's Mytu and Legend (SP)  
      Mio-Tort Northern Lights (SP)
  Ven. Ch. Itrigal's Mischievous Boy (SP)    
      Ita. Int. Ch. Scedir Erroll Flynn (BS)
    Ven. Dom.Rep. Sicalam, Lat, Lib. Int. Ch. Scedir CindyCrawford (BS)  
      Ita. Int. Ch. Scedir Toffee-NA (BS)
Thually de Bethigon's, CGC, THDD, TDIEVA (SP)      
      Am. Ch. Adamis Frontrunner (SP)
    Am. Ecu. Int. Ch. Adamis Aroused (SP)  
      Am. Ch. Adamis Orgasmic (SP)
  Guata's Laitu (SP)    
      Am. Ch. Blythwood Star Player (B)
    Mio-Tort Northern Lights (SP)  
      Blythewood Nicky Taylor (SP)

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