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Int. Lat. Carib. Ven. Ch. Itrigal Britmor Lucky Me


Lucky is my first breeder/owner-handled dog. He is a beautiful B/S, so balanced, with a beautiful head, long neck, a solid topline, with one of the best black coats I have ever seen with true silver color. Very solid structure and a fluent-moving dog. Lucky is co-owned by Alfonso Mendez-Vigo.

Lucky has now fully matured, and he is better than ever. Here he is in a clippered coat.

Lucky all grown up.

  Parents Grandparents Great
      Domino's Bedlam at Britmor
    Ch. Britmor No Nic at NorthPoint (BS)  
      Britmor Live It Up (BS)
  Britmor Yours Truly (BS)    
      Domino's Bedlam at Britmor (BS)
    Britmor Night Wind (BS)  
      Britmor Evening Breeze (BS)
Int. Lat. Carib. Ven. Ch. Itrigal Britmor Lucky Me (BS)      
      Dt. Bundessieger, Europasieger, Jahressieger, World Int. Ita. Mun.
Ch. Scedir Davy Crockett-NA
    Ch. Scedir Erroll Flynn (BS)  
      Pectus Sleeping Beauty-NA (BS)
  Ven. Dom. Rep. Sicalam Lib. Int. Ch.
Scedir Cindy Crawford
      Ch. Feldmar Scedir Midnite Dream (BS)
    Ch. Scedir Toffee (BS)  
      Jahressieger, Int. Ita.
Ch. Scedir Jinseng--NA

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