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Ch. Manit's Capulet vs Montague


Romeo...Romeo, I am in love with you!!!! This puppy finished in three weekends undefeated on his first coat. What else is there to say? He is just such a typey schnauzer, with a fantastic banded coat that covers an extremely well-balanced dog. Compact, GREAT shoulders, solid topline. Very sound mover. A nice elegant neck that carries a wonderful headpiece with a gorgeous expression. All this in a little over 13-3/4 " body. A true schnauzer temperment, so wanting to please, but at the same time with a little bit of a mind of his own, which I love. Romeo moves in the ring so proudly, like inviting others to look at him.

In his short carrer in the USA, he took four "Best of Breed", one "Best Of Opposite Sex" and six "Best of Winners", with three consecutive Majors to finish undefeated in three weekends. All the judges had wonderful things to say about him and I appreciate every single comment they told me. The judges who awarded him the majors were: Mr. Roger Hartinger, Mr. Robert Hutton, and finally Mrs. Betsy Dale, who finished him.

Romeo going BW under Judge Alfred Ferruggiaro at the South Hills KC show.

Romeo completed his title from the Bred-By class which makes me a VERY PROUD breeder. He will be going soon to his owner in Finland, Ms. Heli Lillbacka, and I would like to thank Heli for trusting in my breeding to compliment her breeding program with Romeo. I am excited to see what he will produce and also to see how many more titles he will achieve in Europe.

Good Luck, Heli, with this SPECIAL Dog. Romeo you have a very unique place in my heart and I love you so.

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