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Ch. Stonefox Man-it's Georgianna of Cambridge

My first homebred Smooth Fox Terrier Champion.

Dam - Ch. Stonefox Double Entendre Sire - CH. Quissex Self Made ManI have always been involved with smooth fox terriers because of two very dear friends of mine.... Esperanza Calvino and Fiamma Bellini. I have had the great honor to handle their dogs and have always enjoyed them so much. To the point that the last bitch that I finished for Esperanza, Ch. Stonefox Double Entendre, "Tandy", I told Esperanza that I wanted to keep her as my pet.... to which she agreed, but she wanted to have a litter from her. I completely understood because Tandy is such a beautiful Smooth. I then thought that meant that she would have to go back to Venezuela... Not. LOL! I then suggested to Esperanza that she should breed Tandy with a dog here in the States and I could whelp the litter and be a co-breeder.... to which she agreed.

Tandy was bred two times and never took until the third time and we had our beautiful Georgie who was sired by Ch. Quissex Self Made Man.

Georgie is a very balanced Smooth Fox Terrier. No extremes. A lovely head and expression, great bone, and she is a superb mover.... which is where, in my opinion, the breed has a huge weakness.

Georgie's 1st major

Georgie's finishing win under Pat Hastings

Georgie picked up her first major the second day she was shown at just 7-months-old under Judge Kathleen Ferris, and the following weekend she earned her second major under Judge Terry Stacy. I then didn't show her for a few months and in August 2014 we went to Lexington, Kentucky, where she finished under Judge Patricia Hastings who had marvelous things to say about her.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Winnie Stout for all her support and allowing Esperanza and me to be able to use this great boy of hers.

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