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Ch. Manit's Sogni D'Oro

Sogni, owned by Mrs. Beth Rainwater

Sogni is a 13-3/4 " B/S, a sound mover, with an excellent solid topline. She has a fantastic head, with great bone and shoulder layback, and, in short, GREAT structure. All this in a happy and proud girl! Sogni is always wanting to please, making her so much fun to show. She is a true daughter of her dam Farfy.

In 2008 Sogni got her two majors to end that year with 13 points, needing only 2 single points for her AKC championship.

Sogni wins her First Major under Judge Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark; owned by Mr & Mrs Rainwater, Hico, Texas. Her first major was awarded at the Topeka Kennel Club on August 2008 under Judge Mrs Betty-Anne Stenmark, defeating 8 Bitches for a 3-point major. Mrs Stenmark loved her substance and soundness, as well as her side gait. She did comment that I needed to bring down the amount of beard she had, and I really did appreciate her comment, because when I saw her in the go-around for the Best Of Breed Competition with someone else handling her for me since I was on Bell (BOB that day), I did notice that she needed that. So when Mrs Stenmark pointed that out, I felt that she was really looking at the bitches in the ring. It was a nice line-up of class bitches.

Sogni's second major was awarded at the Heart of America Kennel Club under Judge Mrs. Cindy Vogels, where she not only went Winners Bitch, but also got BEST OF BREED, going over two dog specials and one bitch special (BELL!). Mrs Vogels also made more or less the same comments... loved her substance and soundness. Sogni even made the cut in the Group.

On March 1, 2009, Sogni became my first home-bred American champion, by going WB and BOS over bitch Specials. We are very proud of this bitch and what she has done.

I'd like to thank Gary and Beth Rainwater for entrusting me with Sogni. They will be breeding her later this year, as we are still searching for the right stud dog; we will keep you posted on this matter.

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